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I Still Cook, I Swear

Since I only get to cook [at most] 2-3 times a week, I keep a 'to-do' list of things to cook.  This is helpful because I often think of a million things to cook when I don't have the opportunity to, and nothing when I can.  Still, there are times when the list is running low, or the items there just aren't as cool as I thought they were when I wrote them down.  For these times when I'm in a creative funk, I count on someone else to propose a cooking challenge.

This time, SheSimmers and the dreamy Curtis Duffy, chef de cuisine of Avenues, saved my derriere.  The challenge is to create a multi-element entree using fish, chocolate, fennel (all parts), and mushrooms.

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Never Again Would Be A Lie

"What are you trying to do, get me drunk?"

Not the best thing to say to a cute waitress when she's offering you another properly poured Guinness, especially when it's apparent you have the alcohol tolerance of a high school cheerleader.  She smiles and gives an exaggerated shrug.  Have to think fast now.  Order more food- then she has to come back.  Doesn't matter that a full size orders of [grilled] mirin sesame wings, salad, and the daily special, Korean short ribs, were recently demolished.  Have to get something more.

She offers the dessert special, French silk pie.  I swear I've seen it on the menu countless times before, but it doesn't matter.  Swimsuit season is coming up I can't get it, regardless of how big her smile is.  I'm a sucker for cute waitresses.  Probably end up marrying one someday.

Sandra is great at her job.  While I ponder what else to get, she gives me the "I'm thinking too look,"  which is really her thinking how to add on to my bill.  I know what she's doing and I don't care.  I give her the "Here's a blank check" look back.  She grabs a menu to give to me- says she'll be back.  Damn she's good.  And no ring.

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